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Frequently Asked Questions

How are you responding to COVID-19?

We are taking additional precautions to ensure our workshop and the materials we use are sanitized prior to handcrafting tables to keep everyone safe.

Our workshop is family run and owned, and our operations team have been working remotely for over two years - so we are well equipped to keep our staff safe and business moving.


Can I place an order during COVID-19?

Yes! Our workshop is open and we are making tables to ship to customers right now! If you have a design in mind, request a quote or contact us.



What is your refund/exchange policy?

Due to the highly customized nature of each piece of furniture, no refunds or exchanges are offered by Plank To Table. The exception to this policy is if your furniture is damaged during shipment to you. We will send you pictures of your furniture to be approved by you prior to shipping. If your furniture arrives damaged, please contact us to discuss a solution.


Does Plank To Table offer a warranty?

Plank To Table offers a 6 month warranty on our furniture. If you experience any issues with your furniture, please take a picture and send to us so we can determine the issue. If there is any separation of any glue joint, this will be covered under warranty (as long as all instructions for care and warranty were followed on this page). If the issue is due to lack of care and maintenance, the item will not be covered by our warranty. If the damage is covered under warranty, we will either repair the damage, or pay for the return shipment of the table and the shipping cost to send the item back to you. Since our furniture items are one of a kind, it may take up to 6 months to find the specific wood (if needed) and produce your table. 


How does Plank To Table handle shipping my furniture?

Plank To Table has shipped hundreds of tables to satisfied customers all around the world. Our quoted pricing includes shipping and curbside delivery. All of our products are shipped in a sturdy, concealed crate with bubble wrap. 

We will provide you a tracking number on the day your furniture leaves our shop, shipping times are approximate and can be delayed due to holidays, border crossings and logistics. 

Please note that the delivery people are not allowed to bring the furniture into your house due to liability reasons. You will need to have enough people ready to move the furniture into your house or commercial space. 

Plank To Table pays for all clearance paperwork and border fees for exporting from Canada to the US. For shipments to any country outside of the US, the customer needs to pay any customs/border fees.  


Does Plank To Table insure my furniture delivery?

Yes, every piece of furniture that leaves our shop is insured against damage. 


How long does it take to produce my furniture?

Every piece of furniture that Plank To Table produces is a one of a kind piece, designed and built just for you. Typically we take between 4 and 6 weeks to finish your furniture. Once completed we will contact you to arrange shipment. 


Where do you source your wood?

Most of our wood is sourced from Canada (black walnut, maple, ash). All of our wood is sourced sustainably, we do not buy wood that has been clear cut, or from dubious origins, but instead mostly work with arborists who need to take down old trees. We never buy slabs from countries with tropical forests. For each table we sell, we donate funds to Tree Canada for the planting of 2 seedlings, to keep Canada green. 


What is the ideal environment for our furniture?

To avoid excessive warping or cracking, your furniture should be in a cool environment (18-23 C, 64-73 F) with relative humidity of 38-45%, and a bit of air movement is ideal for wood furniture in general. A sudden change in temperature or humidity is very damaging to wood furniture as moisture can be pulled out or seep into the wood too quickly, causing tension in the wood fibers. Excessive heat and dryness can cause cracking and splitting. 


Can sunlight damage my furniture?

The short answer is "yes". Do not place your furniture in direct sunlight as this can dry out the wood and cause cracking and splits. Direct sunlight also affect the finish of the wood, leaving it discoloured and brittle. Light is a natural enemy of all organic materials; it is especially harmful for wood because the damage is cumulative (meaning it gets worse over time) and therefore irreversible. Sunlight can turn light woods dark and bleach out dark woods. If your furniture is exposed to direct sunlight on a daily basis we suggest blinds.


What about in floor/radiant heating?

You should avoid placing your furniture on flooring that has radiant heating. This is especially important if your table has wooden legs. The constant heat from the in floor heating pulls the moisture out of the wood and will further promote splitting, cracking and warping. The warranty is VOID if your furniture has been placed on a floor with radiant heat.


Is it safe to put any hot object on my furniture? How about liquid?

Avoid placing any extremely hot objects on your furniture, as they may ruin the wood and mark the finish. Do not leave standing water on your table for any length of time. The finish on the table will withstand everyday spills of liquid (water, wine, etc.) but be sure to wipe it up quickly and not leave standing liquid for any length of time. 


Can I place a tablecloth on my dining table?

We suggest using an organic material table cloth, and never vinyl or glass as these prevent air circulation which may promote warping of the wood. 


There are small cracks in my table, is this normal?

Small cracks in the surface of your wood furniture piece is normal due to the natural movement of the wood. You may notice lifting or cracking of the epoxy or resin fills, this is from the natural movement of the wood and is normal and not covered by our warranty. Movement/small cracking around the pith (centre) of the tree, knots and natural imperfections in the wood are also normal.