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Care and warranty

So you finally got your piece of custom furniture from LuxEdge. Congratulations and welcome to the family!

Here are simple steps and care information:

1. Do not place anything hot directly onto the table, always use coasters

2. Do not let standing water sit on the table. Wipe up right away. 

3. When cleaning your table, DO NOT use anything cleaning products that have ammonia in it. We recommend using a clean microfibre cloth with warm water on it.

4. We do not warranty any tables placed on in floor heating.

5. The environment your table sites in is very important and needs to be monitored and regulated for humidity and temperature. A consistent humidity if 40-50% year round will allow your table to stay beautiful just like the first day it arrived.

6. Small cracking of wood and moving of resin/knots is perfectly normal for handcrafted live edge and resin tables. These will move throughout the year. At LuxEdge, we limit these movements with wooden bowties and C channel that are hidden on the underside of your table. 

7. Natural sunlight and overhead fans will dry out your table surface. We recommend getting blinds and closing during daylight to limit the tables exposure to the harmful UV rays from the sun.

8. We use a very durable and strong hard-wax finish for the table. To maintain this beautiful finish, we recommend not sliding anything abrasive across the table to prevent micro scratches.

9. Due to the custom nature of each piece, we do not offer refunds or returns. If you have any questions regarding your purchase, please contact James Peglar/Owner/CEO at 905-716-7600. 


Enjoy your new work of art and thank you for your support!