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About Us

We believe in creating furniture that inspires connection. Our customers and interior designers are the ones that have steered our creativity into handcrafting and shipping over 1000 timeless table designs worldwide!

Our Craftsman in Ontario, Canada have over 20 years experience in sculpting unique tables that bring a room to life.

Sustainably Sourced Materials

We use the finest Canadian lumber to create our wood tables. We use Canadian black walnut, maple and ash that are all sustainably sourced from local aborists. We do not cut down forests. 


Supporting Tree Canada

For every table we sell, we donate 2 seedlings/trees to Tree Canada's National Greening Program to help keep Canada green. Tree Canada has helped plant 80M+ seedlings to date.



The Workshop

Our workshop is located in the beautiful Greater Ontario Area on the Oak Ridges Moraine. Here, our team carefully handcraft our collection of custom luxury furniture.

Every table is crafted to perfection. We check every detail throughout the process to ensure you receive luxury, high quality tables with stunning finishes.