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Choosing a Handcrafted Custom Heirloom Table over factory furniture

LuxEdge Handcrafted over Factory Tables


Craftsmanship, quality and custom design never go out of style. But they are less and less easy to find in the mass market furniture world. Fortunately for the discerning consumer there is a vibrant and creative alternative. LuxEdge Furniture, a family owned, small business has been creating stunning, one of a kind furniture since 2014. Led by James Peglar, the LuxEdge team takes great pride in providing its clients with cutting edge designs, topnotch customer service and truly beautiful wood pieces. LuxEdge Furniture is a Canadian small business at its very best.  


Our  tables are crafted from top quality, kiln dried, responsibly sourced hardwoods. Each of our Black Walnut, Oak, Ash and Maple solid wood table tops is approximately two inches thick with a hand polished, hard wax oil finish.  LuxEdge creations can be easily refinished down through the years. Unhappily most tables that are sold at big box stores are made of particleboard, fiberboard, veneer or inexpensive soft woods which means that once the table gets damaged, it cannot be refinished.

Solid wood vs fiberboard


LuxEdge table bases are designed and created both inhouse and locally of solid wood or professionally welded  solid North American cold rolled steel. The underside of the tables are reinforced with C Channel Support Rails to keep the table straight and flat during its lifetime while still allowing for wood's natural movement. All this reinforcement guarantees the table will never be unstable, shaky or frail like the less expensive big box store products.


High Quality Table bases


We design every custom order in consultation with our customer. The customer participates in the entire process from choosing the perfect slab of wood to stains and table base. Each of our wood slabs is unique in color, grain and figure. The table base can be chosen from our existing designs or custom designed usually from metal or  wood.  We have also designed bases with other materials like acrylic, marble, stone, tree roots, etc.

We can incorporate Epoxy Resin in our tables. Some customers have chosen this option to cast sentimental or important objects in their tables. We have encased gold nuggets, special dining plates, sea shells, etc.

We work closely with our clients to make sure the size, shape and color of the final table is exactly what they need for their space. We provide free online or in person (when possible) consultations to give suggestions, take exact measurements and grow a relationship with our customers. There is always personalized attention before, during and after the  process.

Some of our most beautiful tables are made with bookmarked wood and Epoxy Resin. Using the best epoxy we have refined our resin techniques over the years to create breathtaking furniture/art. The results speak for themselves.


LuxEdge Art of Epoxy 



At LuxEdge we use the finest lumber to create our wood tables. We buy wood that is sustainably sourced from arborists. We do not cut down forests. LuxEdge also supports Tree Canada, which means that for every table we sell, we donate 2 seedlings/trees to Tree Canada National Greening Program to help keep Canada green. Since 1992, Tree Canada has planted more than 84 million trees and sequestered millions of tons of carbon pollution in the process. Every year they deliver mass plantings in each of Canada’s five major regions; Atlantic & North, Québec, Ontario, the Prairies and British Columbia.

Tree Canada Logo
Supporting Small Business

We can’t understate our belief in the importance of small businesses to our economy and to the quality of our lives. Supporting small business keeps us connected to each other in ways that will never be possible for big business. Small business owners CARE on a very personal level about their customers and the quality of their products. Our LuxEdge Furniture craftspeople are proudly 100% Canadian. Our wood is 95% responsibly sourced Canadian and 4% U.S.  100% of our cold rolled steel comes from North American suppliers. LuxEdge Furniture also understands the importance of supporting new young entrepreneurs. Each year, we invite a Co-Op student from a local secondary school to learn and work in our studio.  We encourage new young craftspeople to bring their fresh ideas and talents to work with us. Every day we are dedicated to being active and productive business members of our community.

Our thanks to all of you who have supported our company's efforts over the years to bring the beauty of our natural world into your homes. We love what we do.


LuxEdge Businesses Supported



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